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Project Milqartu Update

A few years ago I was creating some concept art and 2d assets for a project called Grecca Online, unfortunately due to some inconveniences the progress on the game was halted.

By some miracle however, I was recontacted by the two developers and we set an agreement in place to recreate the project but taking it towards and different perspective.

Here is an overview map I`ve created of all the zones combined, there are more to be added which I`m currently working on.

It was drawn by hand at first, I scanned it afterwards.



Painting Wake up calls

As I hibernate I wanted to show you guys what I have been working on. Here’s the current ongoing progress of my next painting, its another big canvas as usual resulting in a longer sketching period. I spent quite a lot more time coming up with the concept of this painting then actually creating it. There are quite a few mistakes at the moment but none that a nice coat of paint cant hide, but the painting process itself is gonna be quite challenging though. I’ll be posting further progress of this project in a few days hopefully.


Angels and Hockey

The following is the most recent tattoo design I’ve done, I put aside the canvas I’m working on to finish this, which was worth it in my opinion (that canvas is taking much more work then expected). As you can see this tattoo design it for a someone who plays hockey, he plans on getting this as a sleeve.

Enjoy! (Sold 40$)

Tattoo angel

Best Fucking Gift Evarrr

So as previously mentioned in my previous post, I spent most of my time off school splattering paint on canvases, avoiding the snow and cold by never going outside. Actually I went out Friday for an event organized by my cousin (He was the only reason why I left my cave to get drunk and socialize). This might sound crazy but while I was scouting the club for the few hot girls it contained, believe it or not but this girl (unfortunately not to my taste) gave me panties randomly (No I did not ask her for them nor did I keep them as a Chrismast present.) I was just so confused and crunk which didn’t help me understand the situation, but I felt that it would be a good story to add to this blog.


Aside from the odd women I run into, I got my mom an awesome Christmas present. A few months ago when I had told her my plans involving painting she had suggested that I should make a portrait her, an idea that she had completely forgotten about. So I figured that I’d use the element of surprise using her favorite picture to make her a wonderful portrait. It was one of the first things that I wanted to complete before the end of my school break.

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I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope you all enjoy your holidays.

I’d like to Apoligize

Hello fellow readers

I’d like to apologize due to my inactivity, I haven’t mentioned it before but nows the time to tell you guys that I enrolled back in school on September 2012, hence my lack of posts. I’m completing a major in French literature, unlike most students in my program I have no Idea where such diploma will lead me to. Unfortunately I haven’t had as much time drawing, painting and doing artsy stuff, actually I’ve had no time at all to do any of the mentioned. I’m pretty much a geek on campus (trying to get those grades to make momma proud) and a rebel off campus.


I promise to dedicate my 3 week vacation to creating new content to post on this website, my subconscious has been absorbing a lot of interesting ideas, I hope to share my perspective on how I currently view the world. It’s kind of like being a bird in a cage who’s set free for 3 weeks only to be brought back to imprisonment. I really miss my freedom and being able to not hate Mondays.

Speaking of birds feel free to join me on twitter @awbwblog

Support an MMO!!

I’m currently working as a background artist with a team of talented developers, whom I also consider friends. I found out about this awesome game which is entirely multiplayer based by actually playing it at first as a tester… then the rest was pretty much a gamer’s love at first sight. Due to complications they lost their programmer along with the code he had authored. Originally it was coded in C++, the rest of the development team remained intact along with their resources.

Here is some game-play video:

The one unfortunate part about losing all of our code was that it is now necessary to pay someone new to rebuild the game for us. Because of this, we are in need of extra funding as we are paying on a per-landmark basis.

In effect, this means the more coders we hire, the faster we can bring the game to you. As it stands, we have netcode and a partially functional build with none of the systems implemented and none of the content uploaded.

Any financial support you provide will be rewarded as much as we possibly can within the limitations of what we consider reasonable based on the game’s systems (ie we’re not going to give you an ubersword of ultra destruction with 1000x attack speed or a pet dragon or a machine gun–e.g. something outside of the game’s meta–or some crazy such thing as that, but we can do a custom hair, tattoo, etc.)

We’ll soon be opening an indiegogo or a kickstarter, but if you’d like to donate ahead of time and get rewarded prior to that happening just email us and let us know how much you donated (we’ll cross check this, just fyi) and we’ll get your special request!

Just so you know, it’s to your benefit to donate early because once indiegogo/kickstarter donations go up, the reward will be based on how much you donate.

Thanks again for your continuing support and patience! We miss you all!

…and email your request to!

Reanimating Walls

So.. I’m back in school…

I’m not studying anything related to visual arts… matter of fact I’m majoring in French Litterature.

Its somewhat interesting, but it eats up my free time like a fuck*ng hungry hippo. But on the good side, I get to workout on a daily basis and play basketball as much as want and to top it off beer and breakfast for less then 10$.

What an interesting 3 years this will be…

But I finally got the chance to finish the mural I had started at Carleton University, it unfortunately took longer then usual due to my busy life and schedule. People are scared of loneliness but truthfully I embrace it and produce this:


P.S The ” A World Beyond Walls ” was added in photoshop