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I’d like to Apoligize

Hello fellow readers

I’d like to apologize due to my inactivity, I haven’t mentioned it before but nows the time to tell you guys that I enrolled back in school on September 2012, hence my lack of posts. I’m completing a major in French literature, unlike most students in my program I have no Idea where such diploma will lead me to. Unfortunately I haven’t had as much time drawing, painting and doing artsy stuff, actually I’ve had no time at all to do any of the mentioned. I’m pretty much a geek on campus (trying to get those grades to make momma proud) and a rebel off campus.


I promise to dedicate my 3 week vacation to creating new content to post on this website, my subconscious has been absorbing a lot of interesting ideas, I hope to share my perspective on how I currently view the world. It’s kind of like being a bird in a cage who’s set free for 3 weeks only to be brought back to imprisonment. I really miss my freedom and being able to not hate Mondays.

Speaking of birds feel free to join me on twitter @awbwblog


Reanimating Walls

So.. I’m back in school…

I’m not studying anything related to visual arts… matter of fact I’m majoring in French Litterature.

Its somewhat interesting, but it eats up my free time like a fuck*ng hungry hippo. But on the good side, I get to workout on a daily basis and play basketball as much as want and to top it off beer and breakfast for less then 10$.

What an interesting 3 years this will be…

But I finally got the chance to finish the mural I had started at Carleton University, it unfortunately took longer then usual due to my busy life and schedule. People are scared of loneliness but truthfully I embrace it and produce this:


P.S The ” A World Beyond Walls ” was added in photoshop


Small Steps

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So I’m sitting here in front of my computer just simply thinking about how the past few months have been hectickly busy but how alot has been done aswell, projects after projects. I’ve pretty much ventured into a dark cave with simply a flash-light and sktechbook :p Now thankfully I no longer work 35 hours stuck in an office working like a robot and more projects are simply uprising to the occasion as well. It seems I’m slowly growing so it is time for me to be a blogging whore.

Here are the projects I mostly have been focused on recently;

Huge panels on which the MDH logos are being worked on.

Reason why I say huge is because this piece took about two dozens spray cans and thats not including

the glossing afterwards. The reason why its so immense is because these panels are actually a set of displays

which is meant to be used for promotional events and displayed in the store.

The second piece is being painted in carleton, its a promotional project for the Association of the Armenian Students of Ottawa.

The original idea came from one of the students of the association, it involves most of the Armenian sub cultures and main historical

buildings. Its a few steps away from being finished, and itll eventually turn out to look wonderful.

I’ll be posting the progress in the next few days.