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Venturing into Youtube


Greetings dear public, I haven’t been as active and creative as I’ve wanted to be lately but here’s a youtube video made by yours truly and a friend of mine. It’s satirical commentary on a racist commercial which had gone viral.

Cheers and enjoy, I promise more updates soon


My second Canvas is Radioactive

I don’t understand why the major nations of this world prioritize nuclear weapons  rather then humanity.

Here is my second canvas, the concept I hope is not too brutal but it is a nice contrast between humanity and the danger behind splitting atoms, ”nuclear technology”. India launched its first nuclear missile the other day, In the same country around the same time I saw a man crying on TV because he earned 200$ a month working as a security guard in order to support his family, living in a house  smaller then my room with 3 kids and his wife, with access to water once a day. Makes you think right?

I guess That Makes me a Painter :/

Now that the clothing line has been launched and that I’m in marketing/promotion transition. If you guys wanna help me become more popular on facebook, please click this link to like my page 😀

or buy a t-shirt If you really want to; please do.

I can now move on to my next project. I’m completing a collection of 6 canvases, the first canvas has already been painted, mentioned in this old post here.

I had a few offers of exposure as well but nothing satisfying to my taste unfortunately. I’ve already started the second piece and finished penciling it. Not really sure what color scheme I’ll be going with on this one, I’m not gonna give much details of what I’m drawing due to the fact that I want my beloved readers to enjoy the unexpected.

Peace out peeps, currently trying to fight off my procrastination monster;