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Worthy Selfie

I’m usually not one to take selfies, seeing as I don’t feel the need to prove my aesthetic values to others. I’m not judging others its just a personal opinion which shouldn’t be taken to heart. However back to the the main I figured why not draw myself and share that drawing with the wonderful people crowding the inter-web and even the more wonderful people who read this blog.

Realistically I just spontaneously felt like drawing and figured I could probably polish up my portrait capturing technique. I still hover pretty far from the style of realism but I’m not ”concrete” enough of an artist to hover close enough to it, perhaps I still lack the skill to do so.

Enjoy the selfie and until next time.



Why you should Wear what I make

So first of all I’d like to apoligize for taking so long on providing an update on the AWBW first four tshirts, I’m still model searching…dont know if I should create a catalog for it, and  alot of other things to still consider. Its been hectic at work and life wise aswell; (Why? thats for me to know and you guys to find out, and I like to keep a decent level of proffesionalism :p). Now pushing all crap aside, I like to consider myself humble, unlike the title of this post but I think its worth it.

For further explanation how the concept works is that the material used to create the design itself is light reflective, Example above is simply the flash of the camera I’m using which is reflecting of the design itself. In my opinion that looks pretty awesome?

A world beyond walls, along with apparel beyond expectactions.