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A Long-awaited Return

I’m honestly simply out of words to justify such a long absence, I could simply say that life got in the way, school got in the way, reality got in the way, and perhaps procrastination as well. Horrible events took place in the world, the Gaza genocide, police brutality was rampant and lethal, and hip hop transitioning into 3 to 4 min commercials starring your favorite actors.

Anyways Here’s A little Collection of Sketches/Work/Commisions I’ve done throughout the year;


This will eventually be painted on canvas.


A Personal Tattoo Design.


Another potential painting for sure as well.


A life drawing pose sketch 20 mins.


Another personal random tattoo Design.


Oh yes and I did some more tattooing, I still have a lot to learn however.


And here’s another tattoo commission done for a friend.


The Pigs in Blue

Just a quick self portrait which I started long time but just got around to finishing today.


finaljoke Pigs in Blue

9th Annual Movie Night Poster


I got to make an awesome poster for an event organized by a friend of mine. He’s in charge of organizing a event awarding outstanding cinematography achievements to the students
who are making a film as a final project. The theme of the poster is based on the Oscars Night. It Took me about 4-5 hours to complete the poster.

Other then that I’d like to apologize for my recent inactivity in posts, the black death is approaching (exams :p) and I must prepare myself to survive lol.

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Procrastination Third

The third canvas is finally done. It was a very slow process due to my mind being elsewhere and somewhat stress and life in general. I guess I could also blame it on my somewhat called insomnia, I’ve had the bad habit of going to bed at 5-6am lately. But hey the majority of us artist are accompanied by a variety of unusual behavior. I could name you quite of a few of mines but that’s not what this post is about 😛

Honestly I’m happy to have finally finished this painting and move on to something else, don’t get me wrong I like the outcome in the end but the amount of work it took to paint that mansion you wouldn’t imagine. This canvas took so much that to finish that as I was working on it my brain pooped out the ideas for the next two paintings.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve also decided to post awesomelycious  songs that I’ve been listening as I paint which I will be including in my future posts, enjoy;

I’ll be finishing up a Mural tomorrow which I will be posting as well.

My second Canvas is Radioactive

I don’t understand why the major nations of this world prioritize nuclear weapons  rather then humanity.

Here is my second canvas, the concept I hope is not too brutal but it is a nice contrast between humanity and the danger behind splitting atoms, ”nuclear technology”. India launched its first nuclear missile the other day, In the same country around the same time I saw a man crying on TV because he earned 200$ a month working as a security guard in order to support his family, living in a house  smaller then my room with 3 kids and his wife, with access to water once a day. Makes you think right?

Why you should Wear what I make

So first of all I’d like to apoligize for taking so long on providing an update on the AWBW first four tshirts, I’m still model searching…dont know if I should create a catalog for it, and  alot of other things to still consider. Its been hectic at work and life wise aswell; (Why? thats for me to know and you guys to find out, and I like to keep a decent level of proffesionalism :p). Now pushing all crap aside, I like to consider myself humble, unlike the title of this post but I think its worth it.

For further explanation how the concept works is that the material used to create the design itself is light reflective, Example above is simply the flash of the camera I’m using which is reflecting of the design itself. In my opinion that looks pretty awesome?

A world beyond walls, along with apparel beyond expectactions.

The 4th (Even though there wasnt suppose to be)

This is the very last (until my actual collection) design presented, that will be produced for the following weeks along with the other three tees. I wont go into details in terms of symbolization, but its a blend of three elements, nature, modernization and peace. 

Enjoy; Image