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A Long-awaited Return

I’m honestly simply out of words to justify such a long absence, I could simply say that life got in the way, school got in the way, reality got in the way, and perhaps procrastination as well. Horrible events took place in the world, the Gaza genocide, police brutality was rampant and lethal, and hip hop transitioning into 3 to 4 min commercials starring your favorite actors.

Anyways Here’s A little Collection of Sketches/Work/Commisions I’ve done throughout the year;


This will eventually be painted on canvas.


A Personal Tattoo Design.


Another potential painting for sure as well.


A life drawing pose sketch 20 mins.


Another personal random tattoo Design.


Oh yes and I did some more tattooing, I still have a lot to learn however.


And here’s another tattoo commission done for a friend.


The First Two

I now present you all with the first two t-shirts which I’ll be offering in different color schemes.

For the moment I do not have an online setup on my blog but with arrangements these tshirts are indeed for sale, I’ll have to contact SKYY Vodka (wish me luck) to see if the bunny is permited to holding their product, considering copyright issues. 

The first is simply the AWBW emblem and the other is the classic bunny piece which will be offered in a double color scheme. 



I will also be creating more additional prints which will be sold by another artist, but nothing has yet been confirmed.