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A Long-awaited Return

I’m honestly simply out of words to justify such a long absence, I could simply say that life got in the way, school got in the way, reality got in the way, and perhaps procrastination as well. Horrible events took place in the world, the Gaza genocide, police brutality was rampant and lethal, and hip hop transitioning into 3 to 4 min commercials starring your favorite actors.

Anyways Here’s A little Collection of Sketches/Work/Commisions I’ve done throughout the year;


This will eventually be painted on canvas.


A Personal Tattoo Design.


Another potential painting for sure as well.


A life drawing pose sketch 20 mins.


Another personal random tattoo Design.


Oh yes and I did some more tattooing, I still have a lot to learn however.


And here’s another tattoo commission done for a friend.


Worthy Selfie

I’m usually not one to take selfies, seeing as I don’t feel the need to prove my aesthetic values to others. I’m not judging others its just a personal opinion which shouldn’t be taken to heart. However back to the the main I figured why not draw myself and share that drawing with the wonderful people crowding the inter-web and even the more wonderful people who read this blog.

Realistically I just spontaneously felt like drawing and figured I could probably polish up my portrait capturing technique. I still hover pretty far from the style of realism but I’m not ”concrete” enough of an artist to hover close enough to it, perhaps I still lack the skill to do so.

Enjoy the selfie and until next time.


The Pigs in Blue

Just a quick self portrait which I started long time but just got around to finishing today.


finaljoke Pigs in Blue

Still Painting ;D

This will be the last canvas of my current collection, Beforehand I had planned to paint six canvases in total. I’m not quitting painting forever, the reason why I’m stopping at four is because I’m getting tired of letting my mind roam around such dark ideas. I had planned to paint a collection portraying the ugliness of our current society, but I just feel like such negative ideas are having an impact on me, I simply want to begin from new horizons and start painting about something else.

I’ll be finishing the rest if this tomorrow/today;

Still figuring this out

I must say I still see our collective behaviour in this world as I see it, absurd, illogical, and yet somehow wrongly beautiful.