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Holy Shit

I don’t even know where to begin, as usual I haven’t posted in awhile.

But I’ve been keeping busy art wise and creating awesome things and content.
Mainly lots of logos, haven’t had much time to do the traditional stuff unfortunately, but I do plan on painting future series of works regarding interesting themes, philosophies, and life experiences witnessed by yours truly.

Until then enjoy a collection of commisions;


A Year Off/On

Wordplay is always enjoyable when one lacks the inspiration to write. I just wanted to take this opportunity to share with you all the awesome creative stuff I’ve been up to. After completing my third year uni, due to certain circumstances I’ve decided to take one year off to invest myself into expanding the branches of my artistic talent and business enterprise.

This post will feature only my hand drafts followed by other singular digitized version of those projects but completed, enjoy;

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A Long-awaited Return

I’m honestly simply out of words to justify such a long absence, I could simply say that life got in the way, school got in the way, reality got in the way, and perhaps procrastination as well. Horrible events took place in the world, the Gaza genocide, police brutality was rampant and lethal, and hip hop transitioning into 3 to 4 min commercials starring your favorite actors.

Anyways Here’s A little Collection of Sketches/Work/Commisions I’ve done throughout the year;


This will eventually be painted on canvas.


A Personal Tattoo Design.


Another potential painting for sure as well.


A life drawing pose sketch 20 mins.


Another personal random tattoo Design.


Oh yes and I did some more tattooing, I still have a lot to learn however.


And here’s another tattoo commission done for a friend.

Selling Souls in Bulk


So I made this design to send out the following message:

There’s been a lot of conspiracy about soul trading in many industries… I’m not writing this post to stir up a debate on whether or not fame is not as we perceive it to be. We all have personal opinions and it isn’t my responsibly to change yours. But the next time you listen to Lady Gaga or some crazy bitch like Ke$ha, and you come across crazy shit like this;

kesha is a crazy bitch

(she’s either white girl wasted or eating a heart look a like thing during a performance)

kesha is a crazy bitch 2

(This chick should be a heavy metal band or someshit)


Don’t tell me that there’s nothing fishy going on :p

Even if this had nothing to do with spirituality, she’s still unfortunately a role model for some kids out there and music has a significant influence on our subconscious minds.

Feathered Ferrari

There’s a lot of various drawing requests which I had promised to quite a few friends. Mostly tattoo design requests, So I decided to finally start catching up on work which should have been completed and so I’m currently fulfilling those requests. If you’re reading this and I owe you a drawing, it’ll eventually be posted in the blog in the next few days. (If not there’s always the ”contact moi” tab) I’ll be posting up more designs, a cool illustration for a story written by a talented witter and much more…

Today’s drawing is a draft tattoo design made for Andrea Ferrari. She came up with this wonderful idea herself and I eventually managed to illustrate it. The outcome is splendid.


The Beginning of the Third! Live

LiveSo its a really hot day out and as usual I’d rather be a mole and enjoy the A/C. Aside my nocturnal habits I’ve came up with the Idea of live-streaming the progress of my painting. I’tll probably be the first time my face is shown on this blog. I’ll be hoping to stream for 4 hours Today in the next 15 mins.