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Lion Brother

So I made this awesome tattoo design for my brother. Normally I’m not really enthusiastic when it comes to working within the tribal style, I’ve always thought that most (not all)  tribal tattoos we’re a little too blend and lacking in creativity (its just a personal opinion). But thankfully he wanted a lion with its mane rolling down his biceps, here’s the end result; 20140128_125857

I’ve been heavily procrastinating on my lady liberty painting due to starting a new job but I’ll hopefully have some updates on it soon.

Cheers folks


Angels and Hockey

The following is the most recent tattoo design I’ve done, I put aside the canvas I’m working on to finish this, which was worth it in my opinion (that canvas is taking much more work then expected). As you can see this tattoo design it for a someone who plays hockey, he plans on getting this as a sleeve.

Enjoy! (Sold 40$)

Tattoo angel

My Condolences

The following is another tattoo design made for another acquaintance,  it’s based around a more personal subject, commemorating the death of a person near her. She wanted a ”P” along with some wings and a halo to symbolize the whole thing.



Feathered Ferrari

There’s a lot of various drawing requests which I had promised to quite a few friends. Mostly tattoo design requests, So I decided to finally start catching up on work which should have been completed and so I’m currently fulfilling those requests. If you’re reading this and I owe you a drawing, it’ll eventually be posted in the blog in the next few days. (If not there’s always the ”contact moi” tab) I’ll be posting up more designs, a cool illustration for a story written by a talented witter and much more…

Today’s drawing is a draft tattoo design made for Andrea Ferrari. She came up with this wonderful idea herself and I eventually managed to illustrate it. The outcome is splendid.


First Tattoo on a live subject Step1

First I want to mention that we took all the safety procedures necessary to avoid any kind of infection, the gun was cleaned, including any attachments to it as well, ground was covered in plastic, brand new packaged needles, I even got to wear those awesome blue surgery like gloves,the room was cleaned with Lysol before setting up and a lot more…I’m saying this in case any professionals or critics may consider me a scratcher, I do care the being of my breathing canvas.

So Felix a friend of mine insisted many times this weekend that he wished to complete the design he already has on his arm in order to convert it into a somewhat sleeve. But many times after telling him that perhaps it was a bad idea, due to lack of preparation and etc…

After some convincing he got me on board and we started the next day on December 12th;

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step 2 to come