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Painting Wake up calls

As I hibernate I wanted to show you guys what I have been working on. Here’s the current ongoing progress of my next painting, its another big canvas as usual resulting in a longer sketching period. I spent quite a lot more time coming up with the concept of this painting then actually creating it. There are quite a few mistakes at the moment but none that a nice coat of paint cant hide, but the painting process itself is gonna be quite challenging though. I’ll be posting further progress of this project in a few days hopefully.



Art Battle 73!


It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a chance to provide any significant news, I once again must blame procrastination, work, and an imminent hibernation (that’s the bear in me) due to the horrid temperature we have out here. Now while I get ready to create some new material, I’d like to share some pictures from the Art Battle 73, in which I competed. The event took place in Ottawa, featuring the following artists;

Margo Bennetto
Robbie Lariviere
Terry Rempel-Mroz
Jenna Ladd
Andre-Marc Pierre
Hamid Ayoub
John Olsthoorn
Roger Davidson
Steven Whiffen
Jordan Meekis
Kalkidan Assefa
Mique Michelle

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Congratulations to Jordan Meekis, winner of the event

On to the next collection

Cool Mask

Hey guys I’ve finally got some pictures of the canvas I’ve been working on for a while its finally done. My imagination went a little too wild this time . Aside from that I’ve also set up a sweet montage of the progression of this piece. Enjoy! and please share this.


Still Painting ;D

This will be the last canvas of my current collection, Beforehand I had planned to paint six canvases in total. I’m not quitting painting forever, the reason why I’m stopping at four is because I’m getting tired of letting my mind roam around such dark ideas. I had planned to paint a collection portraying the ugliness of our current society, but I just feel like such negative ideas are having an impact on me, I simply want to begin from new horizons and start painting about something else.

I’ll be finishing the rest if this tomorrow/today;

Still figuring this out

I must say I still see our collective behaviour in this world as I see it, absurd, illogical, and yet somehow wrongly beautiful.

The Next Canvas

This is  the very beginning of my next canvas(its @*%$ huge 36-32 inches) I figured I’d share a sneak peak. Honestly Its quite a wild concept as you can see, I always like to emphasise on detail and hidden messages in my work. I cant wait to start actually adding some paint onto it. As promised I will be regularly updating this blog every Sunday.

Next Canvas

Best Fucking Gift Evarrr

So as previously mentioned in my previous post, I spent most of my time off school splattering paint on canvases, avoiding the snow and cold by never going outside. Actually I went out Friday for an event organized by my cousin (He was the only reason why I left my cave to get drunk and socialize). This might sound crazy but while I was scouting the club for the few hot girls it contained, believe it or not but this girl (unfortunately not to my taste) gave me panties randomly (No I did not ask her for them nor did I keep them as a Chrismast present.) I was just so confused and crunk which didn’t help me understand the situation, but I felt that it would be a good story to add to this blog.


Aside from the odd women I run into, I got my mom an awesome Christmas present. A few months ago when I had told her my plans involving painting she had suggested that I should make a portrait her, an idea that she had completely forgotten about. So I figured that I’d use the element of surprise using her favorite picture to make her a wonderful portrait. It was one of the first things that I wanted to complete before the end of my school break.

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I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope you all enjoy your holidays.

Reanimating Walls

So.. I’m back in school…

I’m not studying anything related to visual arts… matter of fact I’m majoring in French Litterature.

Its somewhat interesting, but it eats up my free time like a fuck*ng hungry hippo. But on the good side, I get to workout on a daily basis and play basketball as much as want and to top it off beer and breakfast for less then 10$.

What an interesting 3 years this will be…

But I finally got the chance to finish the mural I had started at Carleton University, it unfortunately took longer then usual due to my busy life and schedule. People are scared of loneliness but truthfully I embrace it and produce this:


P.S The ” A World Beyond Walls ” was added in photoshop