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The Pigs in Blue

Just a quick self portrait which I started long time but just got around to finishing today.


finaljoke Pigs in Blue

9th Annual Movie Night Poster


I got to make an awesome poster for an event organized by a friend of mine. He’s in charge of organizing a event awarding outstanding cinematography achievements to the students
who are making a film as a final project. The theme of the poster is based on the Oscars Night. It Took me about 4-5 hours to complete the poster.

Other then that I’d like to apologize for my recent inactivity in posts, the black death is approaching (exams :p) and I must prepare myself to survive lol.

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24 Carat Mixtape Cover

I got the chance to create this mixtape cover:

Bugz Bryant

Kareem “Bugz Bryant” Felfele, is a 20 year old student from Ottawa, Ontario. With a strong dream of becoming a better lyricists than the vast majority of local rappers, he’s determined to change the “game” it self one song at a time. 24 karats mixtape represents not only greed, money and power but also shine within the individual. Some say his style is strongly east coast influenced, and this can be seen in such songs as “Way Too Turnt” featuring local rapper Mike Kleff. Felfele might be dreaming big but he has the determination to make anything happen.


Now I have to admit that the concept of the cover overall is mind blowing. This is the mixtape  cover freshly made for a group called Planet X.  About a dozen of coke cans and 4 hours of jumping back and forth in between Photoshop and Illustrator here is the result;

Hope you all Enjoy

the cover art

Planet X is a collection of 4 suburban artists combining various genres with hiphop to bring a new flavor to the table. Made up of Philippe “Contrast” Vidican, Nick Sab, Nader “Mastermind” Eid and Ryan “OGOD” O’donoughue, the group is looking to revolutionize the underground music scene in Ottawa, where in their opinion hip hop hasn’t really lifted off yet.

Click on the cover art to listen to; Dr Dre – I Need A Doctor (Planet X Remix)

For those of you who are really curious here is a picture of the draft for this project. 

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