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A world Beyond Wall’s Debut

After a few weeks of work and scrambling around to get this ready, I am glad to present you the first five initial t-shirts designs which are now officially available for sale. I gotta admit I put a lot of sleepless nights into this, but it is finally done. I give a million thanks to my models for freezing during the shoot

Tomorrow April 11th, I’ll be set up at the Babylon night club selling some of this wonderful gear along with exclusive originals. The Sick Fucks consisted of;  Elap and Johnny Bravo featured by Sean Greedy and Max  Brinks from the GMC will be opening for RAHZEL and proudly representing A World Beyond Walls, this shit is gonna be live!

Check out some of their videos


Why you should Wear what I make

So first of all I’d like to apoligize for taking so long on providing an update on the AWBW first four tshirts, I’m still model searching…dont know if I should create a catalog for it, and  alot of other things to still consider. Its been hectic at work and life wise aswell; (Why? thats for me to know and you guys to find out, and I like to keep a decent level of proffesionalism :p). Now pushing all crap aside, I like to consider myself humble, unlike the title of this post but I think its worth it.

For further explanation how the concept works is that the material used to create the design itself is light reflective, Example above is simply the flash of the camera I’m using which is reflecting of the design itself. In my opinion that looks pretty awesome?

A world beyond walls, along with apparel beyond expectactions.

The 4th (Even though there wasnt suppose to be)

This is the very last (until my actual collection) design presented, that will be produced for the following weeks along with the other three tees. I wont go into details in terms of symbolization, but its a blend of three elements, nature, modernization and peace. 

Enjoy; Image

The Third / Happy Valentines Day

I’d Like to wish everyone a happy valentines day 

as I’m devouring canned frozen pineapples and presenting you guys my interpretation of an old idea I was suppose to do ages ago. (Sorry Zach, but no worries you’ll be the first to get your t-shirt)

I really enjoyed the outcome of this design, Here I present you the third (keep a french tone when saying it);


This will be the final third design as I will now be crafting the
three presented designs.

The First Two

I now present you all with the first two t-shirts which I’ll be offering in different color schemes.

For the moment I do not have an online setup on my blog but with arrangements these tshirts are indeed for sale, I’ll have to contact SKYY Vodka (wish me luck) to see if the bunny is permited to holding their product, considering copyright issues. 

The first is simply the AWBW emblem and the other is the classic bunny piece which will be offered in a double color scheme. 



I will also be creating more additional prints which will be sold by another artist, but nothing has yet been confirmed.  




A World Beyond Walls Clothing

I got to fininaly finilize the AWBW emblem today. (hope it was noticed on the homepage)
I’ve never mentioned that clothing (mostly tshirts) we’re an interest of mine. To be clearer
I guess I could call myself a graphic tee fanatic.

Here is my winter coat it was bought plain and all black, I made an old sergeants jacket lookalike
pattern for the front, along with the emblem on my left arm, the other picture is the first AWBW sweater :O

Which then leads me to asking myself how far should I go with this? This is
actually an opportunity to poop tshirts and promote my blog (in style >:D)
and hopefully if the clothing is appreciated depending on how much feedback
I get, I think I’ll move on to making cooler tshirts with a good friend of mine.