Meaningful Art & Clothing

Selling Souls in Bulk


So I made this design to send out the following message:

There’s been a lot of conspiracy about soul trading in many industries… I’m not writing this post to stir up a debate on whether or not fame is not as we perceive it to be. We all have personal opinions and it isn’t my responsibly to change yours. But the next time you listen to Lady Gaga or some crazy bitch like Ke$ha, and you come across crazy shit like this;

kesha is a crazy bitch

(she’s either white girl wasted or eating a heart look a like thing during a performance)

kesha is a crazy bitch 2

(This chick should be a heavy metal band or someshit)


Don’t tell me that there’s nothing fishy going on :p

Even if this had nothing to do with spirituality, she’s still unfortunately a role model for some kids out there and music has a significant influence on our subconscious minds.


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