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I’d like to Apoligize

Hello fellow readers

I’d like to apologize due to my inactivity, I haven’t mentioned it before but nows the time to tell you guys that I enrolled back in school on September 2012, hence my lack of posts. I’m completing a major in French literature, unlike most students in my program I have no Idea where such diploma will lead me to. Unfortunately I haven’t had as much time drawing, painting and doing artsy stuff, actually I’ve had no time at all to do any of the mentioned. I’m pretty much a geek on campus (trying to get those grades to make momma proud) and a rebel off campus.


I promise to dedicate my 3 week vacation to creating new content to post on this website, my subconscious has been absorbing a lot of interesting ideas, I hope to share my perspective on how I currently view the world. It’s kind of like being a bird in a cage who’s set free for 3 weeks only to be brought back to imprisonment. I really miss my freedom and being able to not hate Mondays.

Speaking of birds feel free to join me on twitter @awbwblog


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