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Support an MMO!!

I’m currently working as a background artist with a team of talented developers, whom I also consider friends. I found out about this awesome game which is entirely multiplayer based by actually playing it at first as a tester… then the rest was pretty much a gamer’s love at first sight. Due to complications they lost their programmer along with the code he had authored. Originally it was coded in C++, the rest of the development team remained intact along with their resources.

Here is some game-play video:

The one unfortunate part about losing all of our code was that it is now necessary to pay someone new to rebuild the game for us. Because of this, we are in need of extra funding as we are paying on a per-landmark basis.

In effect, this means the more coders we hire, the faster we can bring the game to you. As it stands, we have netcode and a partially functional build with none of the systems implemented and none of the content uploaded.

Any financial support you provide will be rewarded as much as we possibly can within the limitations of what we consider reasonable based on the game’s systems (ie we’re not going to give you an ubersword of ultra destruction with 1000x attack speed or a pet dragon or a machine gun–e.g. something outside of the game’s meta–or some crazy such thing as that, but we can do a custom hair, tattoo, etc.)

We’ll soon be opening an indiegogo or a kickstarter, but if you’d like to donate ahead of time and get rewarded prior to that happening just email us and let us know how much you donated (we’ll cross check this, just fyi) and we’ll get your special request!

Just so you know, it’s to your benefit to donate early because once indiegogo/kickstarter donations go up, the reward will be based on how much you donate.

Thanks again for your continuing support and patience! We miss you all!

…and email your request to!


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