Meaningful Art & Clothing

Procrastination Third

The third canvas is finally done. It was a very slow process due to my mind being elsewhere and somewhat stress and life in general. I guess I could also blame it on my somewhat called insomnia, I’ve had the bad habit of going to bed at 5-6am lately. But hey the majority of us artist are accompanied by a variety of unusual behavior. I could name you quite of a few of mines but that’s not what this post is about 😛

Honestly I’m happy to have finally finished this painting and move on to something else, don’t get me wrong I like the outcome in the end but the amount of work it took to paint that mansion you wouldn’t imagine. This canvas took so much that to finish that as I was working on it my brain pooped out the ideas for the next two paintings.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve also decided to post awesomelycious  songs that I’ve been listening as I paint which I will be including in my future posts, enjoy;

I’ll be finishing up a Mural tomorrow which I will be posting as well.


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