Meaningful Art & Clothing

A World Beyond Walls Clothing

I got to fininaly finilize the AWBW emblem today. (hope it was noticed on the homepage)
I’ve never mentioned that clothing (mostly tshirts) we’re an interest of mine. To be clearer
I guess I could call myself a graphic tee fanatic.

Here is my winter coat it was bought plain and all black, I made an old sergeants jacket lookalike
pattern for the front, along with the emblem on my left arm, the other picture is the first AWBW sweater :O

Which then leads me to asking myself how far should I go with this? This is
actually an opportunity to poop tshirts and promote my blog (in style >:D)
and hopefully if the clothing is appreciated depending on how much feedback
I get, I think I’ll move on to making cooler tshirts with a good friend of mine.


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