Meaningful Art & Clothing


Now I have to admit that the concept of the cover overall is mind blowing. This is the mixtape  cover freshly made for a group called Planet X.  About a dozen of coke cans and 4 hours of jumping back and forth in between Photoshop and Illustrator here is the result;

Hope you all Enjoy

the cover art

Planet X is a collection of 4 suburban artists combining various genres with hiphop to bring a new flavor to the table. Made up of Philippe “Contrast” Vidican, Nick Sab, Nader “Mastermind” Eid and Ryan “OGOD” O’donoughue, the group is looking to revolutionize the underground music scene in Ottawa, where in their opinion hip hop hasn’t really lifted off yet.

Click on the cover art to listen to; Dr Dre – I Need A Doctor (Planet X Remix)

For those of you who are really curious here is a picture of the draft for this project. 

P.S For a section the upcoming post, I will be skteching quickly the funniest comment that I receive in regards of this post



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